Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference highlights 2011 Arizona

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Dr Halamka has given highlights of standards for labs, diagnoses etc.

Decision support rules may be shared in the future.

Project query health for web based queries to multiple silos. A central query tool without breaching patient privacy.

Meaningful use criteria for stage 2 will be delayed for one year. The checks will still go out next year.

standards should make interfaces cheaper.

Girish Kumar is next up.

2700 attendees
140 sessions
240 ecw professionals
over exhibitors

future of medicine discussed

improving healthcare together

he told the story of a physician for helping him identify 3 patients who were over due for a mammogram and thus identified three early cancers

funny story: a young child playing doctor using a laptop in imitation of him going room to room

three words to describe eclinicalworks
bold, selfless and fearless

75% of practices are on version 9
78% rated the upgrade good to excellent

Meaningful Use nation-wide road shows plus webinars

Support and Service enhancements

100 additional persons
live interaction chat

Revenue growth review

2011 100 Million
60000 physicians
370000 users
112 million patients
27 billion in claims, 97.38% passed on first attempt

third largest vendor for scripts overall, number vendor for refills

Continued investment planned

conversion from citrix to web has helped one client go from 80 to 8 servers

cloud computing : apps will dominate

ecw has released a patient kiosk and patient apps

Patient Portal now has a site builder tool:

quick access to the medical summary in a easy to read format
bill pay option
classic view still available

patient apps: asthma, weight management, medication adherence

asthma app: track peak flow, symptoms

CHF app: alerts for weight gain

kiosk to a assist with checkin of new and existing patients
can read insurance and credit card

Community solutions

Circle of care

P2P permits communication with non-ecw practices

eHX permits viewing events that occurred outside the office, including labs with graphs

Longitudinal record' eHX will include
labs, progress notes, prenatal record

EBO analytics

250 canned reports
MAQ dashboards
Practice level dasboards: telephone encountrs, etc
Community dashboards were also reviewed

Next:the Practce: three products/enhancements discussed

version 10, Nimbus, Scribe

Version 10

Resizable windows
Future orders
CDS parameters are customizable
ICD 10: code search ability, modifier filters


What if he cloud is down?

synchronizes practice information: an insurance policy

permits access to appoints
permits creation of a quick note
permits entering an icd code
permits sending out a prescription

then synchs after the server is back uo


can take voice dictation with dragon to create a structured note,
once the data is extracted it can be inserted into the appropriate fields as structured data

iPad App met with great applause

All the functions are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gestures are also recognized
Merge templates
View documents
Refill requests

Mission statement reviewed.

Link to Conference site highlights/photos/etc.

Click here to Pre-register for the October 25-28 2012 National Users Conerence

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