Sunday, February 17, 2008

WalMart RediClinic eClinicalWorks

Well the word is out:

Walmart is requiring that their on site clinics have the combined EHR/PMS from eClinicalWorks. RediClinic has the contract to run the sites.

Now what if WalMart would also "sponsor" eCW's eEHX solution via an independent community run organization? Would it be accepted? There are many issues: governance, privacy etc.

Until reliable and cost-effective interoperablity between EHRs and PHRs is available, it is to the advantage of current eCW customers for MiniClinics like those at WalMart to have eCW

The description of the eEHX means that at the bare minimum, we will be able to exchange significantly more information than the standard faxed
"we saw your patient today note". Plus the miniclinic would have access to clinical information that would help reduce the likelihood of a medical misadventure.

It would thus be to the advantage of the Miniclinics to "sponsor" the eEHX costs for the local community. SV

eClinicalWorks™ Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX)
eClinicalWorks™ EHX is the fabric behind clinical integration systems becoming community-wide projects. This community portal facilitates a holistic view of a patient’s ambulatory record with hospital system integration and typical customers including:

* Hospitals using eEHX to connect with its affiliated physicians;
* IPAs and PHOs for its members; and
* City-wide Department of Healths.

As part of this solution, eClinicalWorks™ Physician Portal offers a means for providers to securely share facets of patient care, including electronic referrals, patient record summary, lab results and registry reporting. eClinicalWorks™ Patient Portal provides a secure channel for doctors and patients to communicate aspects of their care including appointments, lab results and statements. Using eEHX encourages community-wide reporting and registry that facilitate outcomes analysis and increases compliance.

eEHX is being used now in community projects. Click here to see how it is connecting physicians in North Adams, Mass.

Features include:

* Hospital Interfaces—eClinicalWorks interfaces with most major hospital networks including Siemens, IDX, Epic and Meditech so that patient information can be streamlined between in-patient and out-patient.
* Physician-to-Physician Communication—With patient consent, records can be shared between treating physicians to ensure greater accuracy and more complete patient information.
* eReferrals—Referrals can be sent via the EMR, eliminating extra paperwork
* Personal Health Record (PHR)—Patients can modify personal information, view lab results, request refills and other patient/provider correspondence, allowing patients to have a more active role in their care, while reducing the number of phone calls to the office.
* Continuity of Care Record (CCR)—eClinicalWorks uses CCR to integrate Patient Portal and the EMR, demonstrating the company’s commitment to standards.
* Registry Reporting


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