Thursday, January 3, 2008

Version 8.0 upcoming features

This is a significant evolutionary improvement.
The NYC DOH MH has a hardworking team assisting with product development. SV

The bar has been set high with the 8.0 roadmap and eClinicalWorks is confident
it will reset expectations.


Enhancing its flagship solution, eClinicalWorks has developed clinical measures and new ways for managing chronic and preventative care through an eClinicalWorks designed Clinical Decision Support System, further distinguishing eClinicalWorks’ EMR and benefiting customers across the United States. A sample of additional enhancements includes:

* Structured data for reporting and researching patient information;
* Enhanced referral management;
* New Drug Database - Medi-Span®;
* Support of LOINC codes in labs; and
* Order Sets.

Practice Management

The practice management portion of the solution meets the needs of large/enterprise clients. Enhancements have been made to the enterprise workflow management for claims along with PQRI support. Here are just some of the additional new developments:

* Automated claims and statement processing;
* Rejection-based workflow manager;
* Enterprise task manager; and
* Hard close for claims, payments, refunds and adjustments.

eClinicalWorks Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX)

eClinicalWorks Electronic Health eXchange (eEHX) continues to be the glue that binds all of its solutions together to create a holistic view of a patient’s ambulatory record for community-wide projects with enhancements including:

* Electronic referrals;
* Importing/exporting patient records; and
* Quality and care management.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal now offers enhanced patient communication via text message (SMS) in addition to the always available e-mail. Additional new features include:

* Integration with Instant Medical History;
* Enhanced patient history intake; and
* Ability to support specialty-specific history questionnaires.

NEW! eClinicalWorks Business Optimization (eBO)

eClinicalWorks is also launching a new product – eClinicalWorks Business Optimization (eBO). The new clinical and monetary business optimization features that are included in eBO will allow for more dynamic reporting with drill-down and custom report writing based on meta-data. This solution will enable customers to create their own customized reports.


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